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Wednesday Nov 14, 2018

Mastering the human mind is not difficult, but you cannot learn that in school, unfortunately. Our system is not built to provide success to all, only to a limited few who is capable of understanding that in order to grow you need more and mastering your mind is a must.  OFFICIAL WEBSITE | Instagram |

Wednesday Nov 14, 2018

Fear and pain, or better-said fear of pain can rule your life from the shadows, not allowing you to grow, get out your comfort zone and be who you are meant to be. OFFICIAL WEBSITE | Instagram | YouTube

Wednesday Nov 14, 2018

One small step can impact your life in unimaginable ways. That’s because every journey starts with a single step, but also every new habit begins with one small step. OFFICIAL WEBSITE | Instagram | YouTube

Thursday Nov 15, 2018

“Being an irreplaceable employee is non-fiction. It’s the way and reward for those who are willing to pay the price.” Cristina Imre OFFICIAL WEBSITE | Instagram | YouTube

Thursday Nov 15, 2018

One of the most painful and challenging experience relates to dealing with mean people. That’s why I will give you the best self-help advice which will make your life easier. OFFICIAL WEBSITE | Instagram | YouTube

Monday Nov 19, 2018

The success of Disney came from its founder, Walt Disney. That's a fact. But what made the brand Disney stand out and become one of the most amazing lasting brands? OFFICIAL WEBSITE | Instagram | YouTube

Thursday Nov 29, 2018

Two things will kill not only your future but your present too. We live in a world where opportunities are everywhere for everyone. Yet, taking the human psychology into the account if your mind is not ready you’ll pass them all. OFFICIAL WEBSITE | Instagram | YouTube

Saturday Dec 08, 2018

How limiting and unquestioned beliefs can affect your future success and your business goals.  OFFICIAL WEBSITE | Instagram | YouTube | Twitter 

Thursday Dec 13, 2018

Successful goal setting for the new year 2019. Bonus worksheet PDF through FREE newsletter subscription.  OFFICIAL WEBSITE | Instagram | YouTube | Twitter 

Friday Dec 21, 2018

My last podcast for the New Year, and I want to give some introspective about the current business environment and provide you with great tips OFFICIAL WEBSITE | Instagram | YouTube | Twitter 

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